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Are You Living The Life of Your Dreams?

My Calling in Life

Two years ago I was feeling confused and frustrated about everything. At 23 my life already felt like “same shit different day.” I hated my job, hated my body, and most of all I hated that I HATED SO MUCH.  I knew I was meant for more, I desperately craved the BIG... read more

The One About Quitting Birth Control

My decision to go off birth control was not an easy one. First of all, I was afraid of what my boyfriend, Craig, would think. He is so supportive but I still was scared that he would feel trapped or something. Second of all, I was afraid to get pregnant. There is so... read more

The 2 Words That Mean More Than ‘I Love You’

The season of gratitude is upon us. This time of year, people are taking extra care to say what they are thankful for and to count their blessings. But every year this gets me thinking….we really aren’t saying thank you enough. You say thank you to the... read more